NExT Oil and Gas Training and Competency Development

Develop the petrotechnical skills needed to meet today's complex industry challenges

NExT instructs more than 10,000 technical experts each year in 11 core disciplines—from characterization and exploration through development and production—as well as in industry-leading, proprietary software applications, including the Petrel E&P software platform.

Technical expertise for geoscientists and engineers

Designed for working professionals looking for practical technical expertise and career development, NExT offers more than 420 courses, in public and private settings, in industry-spanning domains, including

  • petrophysics
  • geomechanics
  • geology and geophysics
  • unconventional reservoirs
  • surface facilities
  • reservoir engineering
  • management and economics
  • production and drilling technologies.

Global training for reservoir challenges

NExT faculty has a wide variety of technical and regional experience, allowing us to deliver world-class expertise that's tailored to meet your training objectives.

Competency management programs

NExT offers a multifaceted competency-improvement program for competency assessment and management that includes a comprehensive skills evaluation of staff members, individualized analysis, and customized training plans to bridge identified gaps.

Oil and Gas Courses

Focused Training Programs

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Three-Time Winner of Top Getenergy Training Award

Getenergy Awards
For the third year in a row, NExT has won the Getenergy Education/Training Provider of the Year award for consistent delivery of industry-leading curricula.   Visit NExT Training page

Where Do You Want Your Classroom to Be?

NeXT Geology Field Trips
NExT geology field trips provide a learning environment that combines practical field studies, software training, and visits to core laboratories.
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