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Resilient solutions engineered for dynamic water challenges

Life, agriculture, infrastructure, and energy exploration are underpinned by a resilient and sustainable water cycle. Water solutions must be inherently flexible to meet a project or population’s dynamic water demand and safeguard continuity.

Schlumberger has long been at the forefront of oil and gas subsurface innovation and surface facility engineering. Our unsurpassed blend of technologies and experience is key to delivering resilient source-to-disposal water solutions. Applicable far beyond the oilfield, Schlumberger Water Services optimizes water resources, lower costs, and reduce risk.

Oil and Gas Water Management

Sustain cost-efficient operations, secure local operational water, safeguard continuous operations, utilize any water source, optimize water asset use, and ensure responsible compliance.

Infrastructure Water Management

Protect uptime, control water-related costs, reduce waste, meet stringent regulations, and minimize liabilities.

Municipal Water Management

Explore, develop, manage, and protect strategic municipal water resources.

Agricultural Water Management

Plan for speciialized livestock holding or large-scale crop plantation, sustain plants and animals during dry seasons, and combat flooding while safeguarding water supplies from pollution and depletion.

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Resilient Solutions Engineered for Dynamic Water Challenges

Resilient Water Solutions
Schlumberger optimizes water resources via advanced sourcing, supply, storage, processing, and disposal to deliver resilient, source-to-disposal water solutions. Download brochure (0.58 MB PDF)
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Optimize Water Resources

Resilient Water Solutions
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