Agricultural Water Management

Obtain water for growth

Every agribusiness needs a dynamic and sustainable water strategy that balances its production and commercial imperatives with environmental and social responsibilities. By delivering resilient and sustainable solutions, Schlumberger Water Services enables agricultural businesses to meet the changing demands of population and industry.

We help agricultural clients plan for specialized livestock holding or large-scale crop plantation, sustain plants and animals during dry seasons, and combat flooding while safeguarding water supplies from pollution and depletion. Schlumberger Water Services enables agribusinesses to scale up and sustain vital operations for future food security.

Agricultural Water Solutions

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Resilient Solutions Engineered for Dynamic Water Challenges

Resilient Water Solutions
Schlumberger optimizes water resources via advanced sourcing, supply, storage, processing, and disposal to deliver resilient, source-to-disposal water solutions. Download brochure (0.58 MB PDF)

Optimize Water Resources

Resilient Water Solutions
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