Water Management for Industries

We assist several manufacturing and service industries in dealing with critical water and environmental issues, in particular at contaminated sites, where we help close out remediation projects that tie up resources and represent a continued risk (divestitures, disclosure requirements, future regulatory developments).

Schlumberger Water Services provides the technology and expert consulting services to manage high-risk sites in complex settings (e.g., the presence of dense nonaqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) sources, multicompound flow, and fractured rock systems). Improved characterization of source zones and aquifer systems utilizing advanced data acquisition and processing tools, geophysical methods, and investigation tools helps overcome obstacles. By optimizing existing remedial technologies (conventional and emerging) and developing predictable outcomes, we help save considerable costs and facilitate project planning.

Our offerings include:

Baseline Surveys

Environmental Services

Remediation Services

Impact Assessment Services

Risk Assessment Services

Injection Wells for Liquid-Waste Disposal

Wetlands and Hydroecology

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850% Increase in Injection Rate While Satisfying EPA and UIC Requirements for Injection Wells

WasteWater Injection
Platform Express and CHDT tools used to efficiently assess injection zones in challenging salt formation.
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