Baseline Surveys

Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) has completed hydrology-driven baseline studies for many different types of clients worldwide. These studies have been used to support the permit and environmental requirements associated with the development or continued operation of industrial and mining operations. Study scope includes

  • characterization of surface water flow and quality
  • characterization of groundwater flow and quality
  • evaluation of groundwater elevations
  • assessment of the potential for inflows to the site, including estimates of overall flow rates for potential dewatering
  • development of a plan for managing dewatering production, reinjection, and surface water control
  • assessment of potential impacts to groundwater and/or surface water from the proposed operation and its eventual closure and reclamation.

Project Examples:

Baseline Survey of Marine Environment 
- Mauritius
Client - Ministry of Public Utilities, Waste Water Management Authority, Funding World Bank, Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Description - Following an environmental impact assessment and design of an environmental management program, SWS was commissioned to undertake a baseline survey of the marine environment of Montagne Jacquot, Mauritius. The survey team included the School of Ocean Sciences at the University of Wales, Bangor, and the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences at the University of Mauritius. The aim of the survey was to establish the condition of the marine environment (including coral reef, benthic fauna, shoreline and water quality) and to act as a baseline against which the impact of the construction and operation of a long sea outfall could be judged.

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Baseline Surveys
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