Environmental Services

Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) provides a wide range of environmental services to our clients, including baseline studies, environmental impact studies, groundwater contamination assessments, and remedial design. Our hydrogeologists, engineers, and geochemists have conducted environmental site investigations, modeling studies, and remedial designs for both organic and inorganic contaminants in groundwater. We have worked with industry and public agencies to provide cost-effective remedial actions to deal with groundwater contamination issues.

SWS integrates a sound understanding of hydrogeological conditions with a thorough knowledge of environmental regulations worldwide, developing and implementing cost-effective solutions to environmental problems. The company provides expert advice on environmental issues and the impact of proposed and existing regulations on industry as well as national and local governments. Our staff provide expertise and experience in many environmental areas, including

  • preparation of planning documents
  • baseline sampling programs
  • environmental impact studies
  • waste management
  • regulatory negotiation and compliance
  • groundwater and vadose-zone contamination
  • groundwater, surface water, and soil vapor modeling
  • economic and risk analysis
  • wetland studies
  • ecological studies
  • risk assessments

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