Groundwater Remediation Services

Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) designs and implement remedial measures at contaminated sites. We utilize sophisticated groundwater flow and contaminant transport models to evaluate the hydrogeological regime and select effective remedial actions. This allows cost-effective remediation. Our personnel have the experience in working with our clients and the appropriate oversight agencies to develop and implement remedial actions. Our staff provide expertise in many areas including

  • sampling and analysis planning
  • site investigation
  • flow and transport modeling
  • design of remedial actions
  • vapor extraction
  • well-field containment
  • slurry wall design and construction
  • passive treatment
  • zero valiant iron wall design
  • natural attenuation
  • regulatory assistance

Project Examples:

Environmental Engineering of Mass Carcass Disposal 
Location - UK
Client - DEFRA
Description - The outbreak of foot and mouth disease in 2001 resulted in the rapid culling of several million farm animals in the UK. SWS provided a team of engineers, scientists, and project managers to deliver a viable system of pollution containment at the country's largest carcass disposal site, which was in Cumbria. Services provided included detailed engineering design and supervision of installation for an environmental containment system that included a deep groundwater cut-off curtain, groundwater interceptor drains, leachate collection and treatment facilities, and gas venting installations. SWS also arranged licenses to abstract, treat, and dispose of groundwater and effluents, and it supervised the site restoration and the construction of a nature reserve. 

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Groundwater remediation
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