Injection Wells for Liquid-Waste Disposal

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Environmentally conscious underground disposal of liquid waste

Deep injection wells avoid the environmental impact associated with land disposal or offshore outfalls; they have the potential to cost-effectively dispose desalination concentrate, industrial waste water, and oilfield brines when local geological conditions are favorable and when the practice is permitted.

Schlumberger is the technical leader in subsurface technology, with the in-house expertise and technologies to address all aspects of the design, construction, and testing of deep injection wells.

We assist operators with

  • local and regional feasibility studies
  • design and well construction permitting, including impact assessments
  • geochemical compatibility
  • well construction and oversight
  • well testing during drilling, including borehole geophysics, downhole testing, transient pressure testing
  • mechanical integrity testing
  • operation permitting
  • well rehabilitation and troubleshooting.

Feasibility studies

Our teams evaluate the technical and regulatory feasibility of deep injection well systems and provide cost estimates. We also use advanced characterization technologies to accurately assess efficiencies, capacities, conditions, and compatibilities of the injection zone. These comprehensive processes allow customers to make an informed decision as to whether injection wells are the solution to liquid waste disposal needs.

System design and permitting

It is critical that injection wells reliably meet performance expectations over the planned operational life of the injection well system. Schlumberger has experience and expertise in designing and constructing injection wells in many different geological settings and has solutions that overcome challenges at all phases of an injection well project.

Schlumberger has great success in leading customers through the permitting process, and our reputation as a global leader in subsurface technology is an asset in facilitating the process.

System construction

Our teams collaborate with you in a variety of ways depending on your objectives—whether you seek a turnkey project or want a prepared bid package you can use to directly contract a well driller.


Schlumberger aquifer and formation testing technologies optimize the design of injection wells and optimize their disposal capacities. Using advanced borehole geophysical logs, we can accurately locate and characterize transmissive intervals, which are then selected for screening or perforation. Our MDT modular formation dynamics tester provides a cost-effective means to delineating formation systems.

Mechanical integrity testing

We provide turnkey mechanical integrity evaluation that includes data analysis and reporting as well as other specific tests.

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