Municipal Water Management

Secure water where it matters

Population shifts call for the reassessment and rebalancing of crucial resources, with water high on the priority list. Sustainable water resources must be sourced, accessed, and replenished with the wider environmental impact front of mind. Schlumberger Water Services helps institutions and stakeholders around the globe to secure water where it matters.

We engineer resilient solutions for the successful exploration, development, management, and long-term protection of strategic municipal water resources. Our teams have extensive experience with international sanitation projects as well as management of water for economic and social development.

Municipal Water Solutions

Water supply solutions

  • River basin and watershed management
  • Groundwater management
  • Well field design, implementation, and rehabilitation

Aquifer water supply solutions

  • Aquifer storage and recovery
  • Coastal zone aquifer management solutions

Water disposal solutions

  • Water injection

Urban water monitoring and assessment solutions

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Flood risk management

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Resilient Solutions Engineered for Dynamic Water Challenges

Resilient Water Solutions
Schlumberger optimizes water resources via advanced sourcing, supply, storage, processing, and disposal to deliver resilient, source-to-disposal water solutions. Download brochure (0.58 MB PDF)

Optimize Water Resources

Resilient Water Solutions
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