Water Management for Oil and Gas

Schlumberger stands for industry trust and practical solutions to water management

For many oil and gas development and production projects, the development of water sources for enhanced oil recovery; provision and recycling of frac water; and management, treatment, and disposal of produced water create significant cost and risk issues. Cost-effective techniques for managing oilfield water require a comprehensive understanding of reservoir characteristics, production volumes, hydrogeology, engineering design, and environmental considerations.

Expertise in oilfield services, combined with a team of Schlumberger water professionals and water-specific technologies, provides operators with a range of solutions to minimize water related costs.

A key benefit of our service delivery is our knowledge of regulatory requirements and the industry-leading technologies we have developed for managing groundwater resources.

Water Supply

Schlumberger specializes in development of water resources and provides the following services:

  • recycle/reuse of frac flowback water
  • subsurface characterization
  • well design
  • siting and permitting
  • conveyance design and optimization
  • construction management.

Produced Water Treatment

Innovative technologies for dynamic treatment of produced water for the oil, gas, and mining industry.


Schlumberger expertise in reservoir engineering, hydrogeology, geophysics, geochemistry, completions engineering, and environmental management helps in the selection of optimum locations for storage ponds and injection wells.

Optimizing water disposal

  • Up-front characterization and design of impoundments and injection wells
  • Economic optimization of injection wells
  • Integration of multiple solutions
  • Permitting and regulatory support

Beneficial use

  • Managed irrigation
  • Drip irrigation
  • Treatment and reuse for industrial, agricultural, and municipal end users
  • Dust control

Environmental Monitoring

Using Schlumberger Westbay technology, we have developed fit-for-purpose solutions for monitoring overlying aquifers in oil and gas operations. The Westbay multi-level monitoring technology allows operators to evaluate water pressure and water quality at any number of discrete positions within a single well to demonstrate environmental compliance.

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