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We explore for and develop water resources using our advanced technologies, including wireline logging and directional drilling, to maximize well efficiency and minimize the number of suboptimal wells. We have developed innovative solutions for aquifer storage and recovery and alternative seawater intakes to enhance desalination and water treatment projects. These engineered solutions harness natural systems to deliver predictable performance.

Our offerings include:

  • Database Systems for Local and National Data Repositories
  • Decision and Risk Management
  • Wellhead Protection Programs
  • Wellfield Exploration, Design, Construction, and Operation

Aquifer Storage and Recovery

Bottled Water

International Development

WATSAN Services

Coastal Zone Aquifer Management

River Basin Management

Flood Risk Management

Water Resources Assessment

Alternative Seawater and Brackish Water Intakes

Resource Evaluation

Abstraction Licensing

Water Engineering

Groundwater Monitoring Networks

Water Resources Policy

Water Resources Management

Institutional Frameworks

Water Resources

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Identifying Major Water Supply Potential in Region of Low Precipitation

Identifying Aquifers with Major Water Supply Potential in Region of Low Precipitation, Brazil
Technical expertise and collaboration identify aquifer potential and reveal significant groundwater resources in Brazil, benefiting more than 1 million people. Read case study

Water Resource Management

Water Resources by Schlumberger Water ServicesEnvironmental Data Model
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