Aquifer Storage and Recovery

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Long term, cost-effective method for providing a continuous supply of water

Our aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) solutions offer a long term, cost-effective method for providing a continuous supply of water. ASR requires a high degree of accuracy and confidence in the dynamic model of the underground reservoir—an area where Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) has proven expertise. Our multidisciplinary team of hydrogeologists, engineers, and geophysicists utilizes proven technologies to make ASR feasible on a wide scale.

  • High-resolution geophysical logging
  • Regional hydrogeologic interpretations
  • Geologic modeling and flow simulation
  • Well network planning and pilot tests
  • Injection well construction and operation
  • Optimization of recovery efficiency
  • Aqueous geochemical analysis
  • Long-term groundwater monitoring

SWS geophysical characterization expertise, combined with our professional-grade monitoring equipment and advanced data management, uniquely position us to make your ASR project a reality. We can help you to understand the subsurface environment and deploy the best technologies for collecting and managing hydrogeologic data.

To effectively assess hydrogeologic conditions and monitor groundwater, the Water Services team combines field expertise with sophisticated technologies in five areas:

Advanced Hydrogeologic Assessment

Determining the hydraulic properties of an aquifer using tools such as the CMR Combinable Magnetic Resonance, the FMI Fullbore Formation MicroImager, and AquiferTest Pro software

ASR Well Network Planning

Optimizing the placement and number of monitoring and pumping wells by applying specialized technology such as HydroWork Flow numeric groundwater flow models, Petrel seismic-to-simulation software, and ECLIPSE reservoir simulation software

ASR System Deployment

Assessing and installing well technologies for long-term monitoring through Westbay multilevel well systems and Diver dataloggers

Long-Term Data Collection and Analysis

Providing on-time, cost-effective data collection, advanced aqueous geochemical analysis, and mapping of the ASR system

Performance and Compliance Reporting

Automated reporting of ASR performance and compliance with regulatory guidelines, using HydroGeo Analyst and other software

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Aquifer Storage and RecoveryAquifer Storage and RecoveryAquifer Storage and RecoveryAquifer Storage and Recovery
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