Water Engineering - Hydraulic Structures

Civil engineering services in the field of water resources

Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) provides civil engineering services in the field of water resources. We have investigated and supported projects dealing with irrigation canals, liner system design and installation, and ditch management. We have provided construction plans and specifications, bid documents, bid evaluation, and construction management services for many hydraulic structures worldwide. Our experience includes

  • design of spillways
  • channel and off-take structure design
  • water loss calculations
  • operations and maintenance plans
  • regulatory assistance

Project Examples:

Orchard Mesa Irrigation District feasibility study
- Colorado, USA
Client - Orchard Mesa Irrigation District
Description - Orchard Mesa Irrigation District (OMID) contracted SWS to investigate the enlargement, overtopping, and financial analysis concerns associated with the Orchard Mesa Power Canal. The work included field observations, engineering and analysis of design options, and financial analysis detailing the return on investment for the various options.

Realignment of Larimer County Canal No.2
- Colorado, USA
Client - Colorado State University
Description - SWS completed the design plans, specifications, and construction monitoring for the realignment of the Larimer County Canal No. 2 through the expansion of the Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital. The stability of the earthen canal was achieved during the realignment with no excessive scour or deposition. Clay liners were also constructed in portions of the channel to prevent excessive seepage and losses to the irrigation company. The project was completed in cooperation with Colorado State University and the Larimer County Canal No. 2 Irrigation Company.

Realignment of the New Mercer Ditch
- Colorado, USA
Client - New Mercer Ditch Company
Description - SWS provided engineering design plans, specifications, and construction monitoring for the realignment of the New Mercer Ditch through an existing housing development. The housing development was constructed in the New Mercer Ditch right of way, and the realignment was used as part of the mediation of a dispute between the irrigation company and property developer. The New Mercer Ditch was successfully realigned, and careful design achieved a stable earthen channel.