Resource Evaluation

Groundwater or surface water resource evaluation

Before water resources can be developed and managed, they must be evaluated. Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) can determine what water resources are available in a catchment (groundwater or surface water) and what proportion of those resources can be sustainably exploited for various uses, after setting aside a proportion for environmental or ecological needs.

Resource evaluation requires a multidisciplinary approach that considers many different aspects, such as

  • catchment boundaries and topography of the groundwater and surface water systems
  • geology, hydrogeology, and hydrogeochemistry of the groundwater system
  • hydrology and water quality of the surface water system
  • nature and magnitude of any interaction between groundwater and surface water
  • influence of meteorology and climate, especially on rainfall and evapotranspiration
  • land use, including potential sources of pollution and historical changes in these factors
  • numerical modeling of groundwater and surface water systems
  • environmental or ecological status of the catchment and its habitats
  • current abstraction of water, water demand, and water or effluent discharges.

Project Examples:

Measham resource evaluation 
- UK
Client - Environment Agency
Description - SWS was commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the groundwater resources of Measham Groundwater Unit, a Triassic sandstone aquifer. The surface and groundwater resources of this aquifer management unit were thoroughly reassessed to obtain a better estimate of the maximum licensable resources. The geology, hydrogeology, soils, land use, meteorology, hydrology, etc., were described. The effects of groundwater abstraction on rivers and streams were examined, recharge estimated, a water balance conducted, and recommendations made for improved monitoring. 

Saline water resources study 
- India
Client - Confidential (international oil company)
Description - SWS was asked to carry out, at short notice, a detailed and comprehensive study of the groundwater resources of a semi-arid area in India, to provide large quantities of saline water to inject into a deep oil reservoir to aid oil recovery. The project includes data collection, hydrogeological conceptual modeling, numerical groundwater modeling, exploratory drilling and test pumping, resource evaluation, and evaluation of the impact on shallow fresh groundwater of abstracting deep saline groundwater from various aquifer units.

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