Institutional Frameworks

Institutional, policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks for a national water sector strategy

Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) offers the wide range of skills and experience necessary to assess and identify improvements for institutional, policy, legal, and regulatory frameworks for a national water sector strategy. Our approach focuses on working with government policy makers to allow reform of institutional frameworks and to facilitate an environment for improved service provision and decision making.

Project Examples:

Regulatory framework for integrated groundwater management and pollution control 
- The Bahamas
Client - Water and Sewerage Corporation, Funding Inter-American Development Bank 
Description - Funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, a commission was awarded to SWS to design a complete Bahamas legal and institutional framework for the management of groundwater resources and pollution control on a national scale. The project included extensive stakeholder consultation. The technical approach taken was to identify threats to water resources, in both quantity and quality, and then to design legal and planning instruments to deal with each threat. This innovative approach was presented at an international conference of the Caribbean Water & Wastewater Association. 

Small-scale private sector participation in the rural water supply sector
- Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia 
Client - Governments of Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia, Funding Department for International Development, UK 
Description - Working together with the governments of Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia, SWS conceived, developed, and managed an action-research study to investigate small-scale private sector participation in providing rural water services. Teams from the three governments and WaterAid addressed legal, institutional, and financial aspects of the enabling environment for the small-scale private sector. Released near the end of 2005, best practice guidelines were produced that aim to enhance rural-based private sector participation in the provision of rural water supply services in Africa and elsewhere. 

Environmental sewerage and sanitation project 
- Mauritius
Client - Ministry of Public Utilities, Waste Water Management Authority, Funding World Bank and Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Description - Leading a team comprising the School of Ocean Sciences at the University of Wales, Bangor, and the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences at the University of Mauritius, SWS was commissioned to undertake an environmental impact assessment of the disposal of treated wastewater via borehole injection at Montagne Jacquot treatment works. The wastewater disposal was part of a scheme to improve the sewer system in Mauritius's capital, Port Louis. The study involved hydrogeology, marine biology, and oceanography. Following this initial commission, SWS was retained to develop a marine environmental monitoring program for the construction and operation of a long sea outfall and to carry out a baseline survey of reef condition prior to the start of construction. 

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