Groundwater Monitoring Networks

Cost-effective and reliable solutions that surpass traditional monitoring methods

Groundwater monitoring networks are designed to optimize the collection of vast amounts of field data during a project's life. Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) monitoring technologies provide cost-effective and reliable solutions that surpass traditional monitoring methods.

SWS has been providing leading-edge technology for multi-level groundwater monitoring for more than 25 years. Our solutions-based Monitoring Services group offers you technical skills in assessing groundwater monitoring networks and deploying industry-tested groundwater instrumentation and water well technologies.

With more than 25 years of field-scale experience and technical know-how, our team will help you to assess and optimize the way you manage your groundwater resources to help ensure a long and productive lifespan, with minimal impact to your aquifer system.


  • Hydrogeologic assessment: Determining hydraulic properties of an aquifer and aquifer yield
  • Planning groundwater monitoring networks: Optimizing the placement and number of monitoring and pumping wells
  • Deploying monitoring wells: Assessing and installing well technologies for long-term monitoring of water levels and quality
  • Data collecting and analysis: Field-scale data collection and advanced aqueous geochemical analysis
  • Data reporting: Automated reporting of monitoring network performance and compliance with regulatory guidelines

We make sense of your monitoring data to help you to make cost-effective decisions!

Community-Based Groundwater Monitoring

Community-based groundwater monitoring has been highly successful in many locations. Community programs draw on the talents and knowledge of people with a vested interest in managing their water resources. Community-based groundwater monitoring projects:

  • improve surface and ground water management
  • promote land uses (agriculture, mining, etc.) thus supporting the local economy
  • conserve natural ecosystems, species, and habitats
  • secure potable water for the community
  • provide data for analysis and regulatory requirements

SWS can install, set up, and support a community-based groundwater monitoring network. Our advanced tools make monitoring easy for volunteers. With the Data Exchange Transmitter (DXT), volunteers can monitor wells from the comfort of their vehicles in seconds. The software does the charting and graphing automatically. Any additional work can be accomplished using a personal computer in one's home. If desired, SWS employees can monitor the wells.

Coastal Aquifer Groundwater Monitoring

With the steadily increasing demand for groundwater in our heavily populated coastal regions, accurately monitoring these water resources is critical.

To understand coastal aquifer behavior and select the best approach for optimizing water supply, SWS provides instrumentation and services for

  • subsurface characterization
  • advanced data management
  • analysis and visualization solutions.

Impacts of climate change, such as increasing/decreasing water levels, tidal forces, and pressures, create new flows and patterns that require accurate and continuous monitoring. Our team of experts evaluates the salinization of current water sources and also predicts future risks of saltwater intrusion and changes in groundwater systems. Strategic planning and continuous monitoring can help ensure the security of your coastal zone groundwater resources.

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