River Basin Management

Integrated management of water resources

Drawing on our international experience and wide range of skills, Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) has built up a strong track record in the integrated management of water resources at the scale of river basins or large catchments (watersheds). We can provide a comprehensive service using multidisciplinary teams of experts, able to cover the socioeconomic aspects of river basin management as well as the hydrological science of a catchment. Projects often involve building local institutional capacity to resolve conflicting demands of water users and other stakeholders on limited water resources.

Project Examples:

Sustainable management of the Usangu Wetland 
Location -
Client - Ministry of Water and Livestock Development 
Description - The aim of the Usangu Wetland project, based in the headwaters of the Rufiji river basin, was to sustainably develop local capacity to manage water and other natural resources (land, livestock, fisheries, and wildlife) for the maintenance and improvement of rural livelihoods. Competition for scarce water resources existed between large- and small-scale irrigation schemes and domestic use upstream and ecological demands downstream. Working in association with HTS Development Ltd, SWS was responsible for helping to improve government water resources management at regional, river basin, and district levels. Investigations to understand the hydrological functioning of the catchment contributed to a strategy developed by stakeholders in the catchment and downstream for managing water resources at the local level.

Integrated groundwater management pilot project
Location -
Client - Ministry of Environment
Description - SWS provided technical assistance to the Government of Colombia to build institutional capacity to take an integrated, participatory approach to the management of groundwater. Working with the Ministry of Environment at national level and regulatory agencies CVC in the Cauca Valley and CORALINA on San Andres Island at regional level, replicable approaches to water resources management that are socially equitable, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable were established. Institutional analysis, legal advice, and training were provided to strengthen institutions in their regulatory role. A replication strategy developed during the project continues to be implemented by the client.

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