Water Resources Policy

Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) not only provides hands-on technical services for the policy, development, and management of water resources, but also provides advice to governments and regulatory bodies on policies for the regulation and protection of water resources, especially groundwater. SWS has undertaken several high-profile projects on water resources and environmental policy.

Project Examples:

Title - Regulatory framework for groundwater management 
- Bahamas
Client - Water & Sewerage Corporation
Description - The Bahamas' Water & Sewerage Corporation awarded a contract to SWS, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, to design a complete legal and institutional framework for the management of groundwater resources and pollution control on a national scale, appropriate for the Bahamian legal, institutional, social, and economic context. The project included extensive stakeholder consultation, ranging from senior government officials to representatives of the poorest communities. The technical approach taken was to identify threats to water resources, in both quantity and quality, and then design legal and planning instruments to deal with each threat. Legal, technical, and administrative guidelines for mechanisms to ensure efficient allocation of water, monitoring and enforcement, and an implementation strategy were provided. The innovative approach was presented at an international conference of the Caribbean Water & Wastewater Association. 

Title - Water resources management strategies
Location - UK
Client - SNIFFER
Description - SWS was the lead consultant in a strategic R&D project, part of the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive, involving the development of high-level technical processes and a detailed participation strategy to support the implementation of water resources management strategies (WRMS) in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The project included a detailed consideration of how public participation could be included in the WRMS process in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and there was close liaison with key water resources staff from SEPA in Scotland and the Environment & Heritage Service in Northern Ireland. This project was undertaken jointly by SWS and Earth Tech Engineering Ltd.

Title - Groundwater Protection Policy
- UK
Client - Environment Agency
Description - SWS provided assistance with the organization, running, and reporting of a national workshop for key Environment Agency water quality and water resources staff. The purpose of the workshop was to review the flagship document "Policy and Practice for Groundwater Protection" and to discuss the scope and structure for a new document, particularly in the light of changes in European and national legislation. SWS then went on to make a significant contribution to the redrafting of the policy, to be known as the Groundwater Strategy.

Title - Policy Paper and Bank Strategy on Inland Water Quality, Water Resources Development and Management in Africa 
- Africa regional 
Client - IBG Ltd/African Development Bank, Funding Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Description - SWS was retained to develop a strategy for water resources development and management for the African Development Bank. SWS developed a policy document comprising an overview of the sector, a review of the bank's experience, a policy statement, an action plan for the bank, and a series of technical and operational guidelines for use by bank staff and regional member countries. 

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