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Training skills and experience to WATSAN institutions

Improved provision of water supply and sanitation (WATSAN) services, whether by public or private institutions, is central to the improvement of public health and poverty alleviation strategies in developing countries.

Schlumberger Water Services (SWS) offers the training skills and experience necessary to WATSAN institutions to enable them to provide improved services. Our strength lies in building human resource capacity within organizations, particularly in important managerial and social science areas.

Project Examples:

Jigawa urban water supply and sanitation program
- Nigeria
Client - Ministry of Water Resources, Jigawa State Government , Funding Department for International Development, UK 
Description - Working with IBG and Darl-Hab, SWS is strengthening the Jigawa State government's capacity to provide improved water supply and sanitation services in urban areas and small towns. SWS is providing technical assistance and training in hygiene education, financial and commercial management of utilities, strategic planning, and policy formulation as part of a program of rehabilitation and provision of urban water supplies and school sanitation facilities.

Small-scale private sector participation in the rural water supply sector 
- Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia 
Client - Governments of Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia, Funding Department for International Development, UK 
Description - Working together with the governments of Ghana, Tanzania, and Zambia, SWS conceived, developed, and managed this action-research study to help the governments lead sector reform in small-scale private sector participation in rural water service provision. Teams from the three governments and WaterAid addressed legal, institutional, and financial aspects of the environment for the small-scale private sector. Best practice guidelines were produced at the end of 2005 that aim to enhance rural private sector participation in the provision of rural water supply services in Africa and elsewhere. 

Environmental sewerage and sanitation project 
- Mauritius
Client - Ministry of Public Utilities, Waste Water Management Authority, Funding World Bank and Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Description - Leading a team comprising the School of Ocean Sciences at the University of Wales, Bangor, and the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences at the University of Mauritius, SWS was commissioned to undertake an environmental impact assessment of the disposal of treated wastewater via borehole injection at Montagne Jacquot treatment works. The wastewater disposal was part of a scheme to improve the sewer system in Mauritius's capital, Port Louis. The study involved hydrogeology, marine biology, and oceanography. Following this initial commission, SWS was retained to develop a marine environmental monitoring program for the construction and operation of a long sea outfall and to carry out a baseline survey of reef condition prior to the start of construction. 

Ex-post project watsan of four research programs on collector wells
- Sri Lanka and southern Africa
Client - Overseas - Development Administration (now Department for International Development), UK
Funding World Bank and Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Description - SWS undertook a review and watsan research program on collector wells in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, and Sri Lanka. SWS carried out a field watsan of a collector well development project in Sri Lanka that had been funded by ODA in the late 1980s. The watsan examined the long-term performance of collector wells, the socioeconomic benefits accruing to farmers, and the economic viability and sustainability of collector well development.          

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WATSAN ServicesWATSAN ServicesWATSAN Services
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