Technical Services

Addressing groundwater challenges through advanced technologies and expertise

Schlumberger Water Services' team of highly skilled technical experts lead the way in technology innovation and project delivery. Ranging from field investigations to numerical modeling and simulation, our wide variety of Technical Services offer clients the flexibility to incorporate our expertise at virtually any phase of a water management project. Selecting from our specialized services to fill technical gaps, or as fundamental services throughout an Integrated Project, our team of professionals provide our clients with unparalleled experience and technological proficiency.

Our pioneering technology differentiates us from others. Schlumberger field and interpretation tools are engineered to capture high-resolution data in diverse subsurface environments and provide reliable information for supporting critical decisions. We utilize the right technologies for reliable and cost-effective results.

GIS & Data Management

Aquifer Characterization

Groundwater Monitoring

Geologic Modeling

Analysis and Simulation

Systems Integration

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Water Services Technical Services.
Collecting, compiling, and analyzing hydrogeologic data to characterize your site.