Analysis and Simulation Services

Industry-leading technology to express the data necessary for optimal water management

Advanced instrumentation and software allow today's professionals to analyze and simulate important data for decision-making. SWS expands the geologic model into the simulation environment where aquifer flow and contaminant migration can be better understood.

Building from the high-resolution geologic model developed in Petrel, our hydrogeologists use ECLIPSE for simulating flow and mass transport in highly complex, variably saturated conditions, with the ability to incorporate density effects when modeling brine or coastal aquifers, explicitly model NAPLs and chemical reactions, and couple geomechanical modeling with fluid flow.

  • Aqueous geochemical data analysis
  • Three-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport simulation
  • Remedial design and optimization
  • Karst and dual porosity flow assessments
  • Density dependent flow simulations
  • Multiphase flow and transport simulation

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Analysis and SimulationAnalysis and SimulationAnalysis and Simulation
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