GIS and Data Management Services

Environmental projects, such as municipal water supply monitoring, environmental impact assessments, and site remediation, often come with an abundance of data, collected over many years.

We have developed a collection of standard and customized tools to help you integrate and interpret these vast amounts of data. We can convert your unorganized data into spatial data sets as part of proven data management practices.

Using proven data management practices we incorporate geologic, hydrogeologic, hydraulic, and contaminant information that our Geographic Information System (GIS) analyzes and visualizes to produce specialized maps such as:

  • Aquifer vulnerability
  • Hydrostratigraphic cross-sections
  • Interpreted geologic surfaces
  • Groundwater recharge flux
  • Potential contaminant sources

Facilitating visualization with 3D models

Beyond the GIS data assessment, we use the Environmental Data Model to develop three-dimensional geological conceptual models and numerical groundwater flow and transport models. After model development, the Environmental Data Model integrates wellhead protection areas (WHPAs), contaminant plumes, and water balance information, which can be incorporated into reports, public presentations, or land use policies.

Making collecting field data more efficient

Advancements in database and Personal Data Assistant (PDA) technology have made collecting and managing field data more efficient. We leverage the latest technology, including PDA's, wireless communication, and the Internet, to upload field data to a central database. Our efficiency saves you money. Field data collected includes:

  • Monitoring well logs
  • Water well records
  • Groundwater levels
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Chemical analyses
  • Water quality guidelines
  • Aquifer Vulnerability Mapping

Managing data anywhere with Internet-based systems

Our group provides you with a complete solution through our Web-Enabled Environmental Data Management Systems. They provide:

  • Project scheduling/updating
  • Real-time uploading/downloading
  • Instant access to reports and lab results
  • Full access to collected field data
  • GIS and data analysis capabilities
  • Automatic report generation

We can help you convert your data into information you can trust to make the most important business decisions.

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GIS & Data Management ServicesGIS & Data Management ServicesGIS & Data Management ServicesGIS & Data Management ServicesGIS & Data Management Services
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