Geologic Modeling Services

Realistic flow modeling and simulation to help you make critical decisions

Modeling the subsurface, and simulating changes in groundwater behavior, offer great advantages for decision-makers, planners, and other water professionals. SWS' industry-leading logging technologies reduce risk and uncertainty when quantifying aquifer properties, defining aquifer heterogeneity, and determining water quality in both open boreholes and cased wells. This valuable information will help to improve conceptual aquifer model development leading to realistic flow modeling.

  • Geophysical log conversions
  • Geostatistical based analysis and modeling
  • Log interpretation and well correlation
  • Complex fault and fracture modeling
  • Structural and stratigraphic modeling
  • Facies and geophysical modeling

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Geologic Modeling ServicesGeologic Modeling ServicesGeologic Modeling ServicesGeologic Modeling Services
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