Groundwater Monitoring Services

Providing leading edge technology for multi-level groundwater monitoring for more than 25 years

Our solutions-based Monitoring Services group offers you technical skills in assessing groundwater monitoring networks and deploying industry-tested groundwater instrumentation and water well technologies.

Using over 25 years of field-scale experience and technical know-how, our team will help you to assess and optimize the way you manage your groundwater resources to ensure a long and productive lifespan, with minimal impact to your aquifer system.


  • Hydrogeologic assessment

    Determining hydraulic properties of an aquifer, and aquifer yield.

  • Planning groundwater monitoring networks

    Optimizing the placement and number of monitoring and pumping wells.

  • Deploying monitoring wells

    Assessing and installing well technologies for long-term monitoring of water levels and quality.

  • Data collecting and analysis

    Field-scale data collection and advanced aqueous geochemical analysis.

  • Data reporting

    Automated reporting of monitoring network performance and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

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Groundwater Monitoring ServicesGroundwater Monitoring ServicesGroundwater Monitoring Services
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