MicroScope HD Resistivity and High-Definition Imaging-While-Drilling Service

Structural modeling

Structural interpretation of reservoir sections is vastly improved by availability and use of high-quality bedding dips. High-definition images aid accurate determination of structural dips as well as detection and determination of faults, folds, and unconformities in almost all formation types. MicroScope HD service provides critical information for well-to-well correlation in highly deviated and horizontal wells, enhancing structural cross sections and models with data such as accurate computations of true stratigraphic thickness.

Sedimentology analysis

High-definition images from MicroScope HD service enable recognition of sedimentological features that guide the interpretation of dip data and identification of paleo-environments. This evaluation leads to better definition of reservoir geometries and petrophysical parameters.

Sedimentology Analysis Log

Porosity evaluation in fractured and vug-rich reservoirs
MicroScope HD service enables quantification and classification of matrix and vuggy porosity with its high-definition images. This evaluation of porosity facilitates partitioning of isolated, connected, and fracture-connected vuggy porosity.

Thin-bed detection and evaluation to identify pay zones
Laterolog images from the MicroScope HD service can be used for determining net pay in thin and laminated sediments. Laminations as thin as 0.4 in, typical of fluvial and turbidite depositional environments, can be resolved.

Fracture characterization

Complete characterization of fractures is now possible with LWD, using high-definition images from the MicroScope HD service. This service quantifies fracture aperture, fracture orientation, and density in complex reservoirs. The resulting information enables proactive decisions for optimization of zones for multistage completions.

Geological Interpretation of Structurally Complex Reservoirs

MicroScope HD service presented by Uche Ezioba
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