MicroScope Resistivity- and Imaging-While-Drilling Service

On a single collar, MicroScope service provides measurements for formation evaluation, well placement, and fracture identification.

Formation evaluation

Resistivity measurements can be influenced by shoulder bed and anisotropy effects. MicroScope service measures azimuthally focused laterolog resistivity at four depths of investigation, providing resistivity measurements for formation evaluation and enabling applications such as thin-bed identification, invasion profile analysis, and formation resistivity determination by quadrant. MicroScope service acquires these measurements while drilling and on a wiper pass, making time-lapse analysis possible.

Horizontal well placement

Real-time images from MicroScope service, which are acquired azimuthally in 56 oriented sectors while rotating and using two button sensors, provide full coverage around the borehole with nearly any combination of drilling and rotational speeds, even in stick/slip environments.

Fracture identification

By providing images of full borehole coverage, MicroScope service enables accurate measurement of fracture length. The images are calibrated for fracture porosity evaluation.

MicroScope Service Acquires Laterolog Resistivity

MicroScope LWD High-Resolution Resistivity Measurements and Borehole Imaging
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