Interpretation Services for Geology

Determine net pay and identify sedimentary features with expert evaluation of geology data

Schlumberger petrotechnical experts with field experience and geology interpretation expertise use proprietary workflows to deliver geological answers and enhance the value of data acquisition.

We work with you to determine the structural dip and to identify the location of major geologic events such as faults and unconformities by interpreting borehole images. By observing the complex dip patterns, like those produced from borehole imagers or advanced 3D resistivity tools such as the Rt Scanner triaxial induction service, the petrotechnical experts can build a high-resolution near-well structural model.

Comprehensive analysis of subsurface data

Our domain experts can integrate structural, textural, and geomechanical image information with other logging results and core data. For example, a comparison can be made between the stress orientation indicated by the fast shear azimuth from a dipole sonic tool versus the stress orientation indicated by borehole images. Detailed facies analysis can be performed by combining the high-resolution borehole image data with magnetic resonance or the mineralogy from a neutron-induced spectroscopy tool.

Sedimentary Feature Identification and Textural Analysis

Reveal the important minute attributes of reservoir rock, including deposition process and deposition environment, by acquiring high-resolution resistivity images using advanced Schlumberger logging technologies.

Fracture and Fault Characterization

Reproduce fine reservoir fractures and faults by evaluating near-well models and detailed images from wireline tools and LWD measurements.

Borehole Imaging for Completion Optimization

Quantify and differentiate natural and induced fractures, identify hard streaks that may contain fracture propagation, and reduce the possibility of sanding.

Multiscale Structural Interpretation

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