Multiscale Structural Interpretation Services

Measurement integration for comprehensive 3D reservoir mapping

Built using integrated multiwell measurements with various depths of investigation, our comprehensive multiscale structural interpretation services can enhance your decision making at every stage of the E&P life cycle—from guiding geosteering and confirming well placement to optimizing completions and field development strategies.

Measurable benefits to your operations

  • Advanced interpretation of data logging, allowing optimal results on data imaging, especially in challenging structural environments
  • Data accuracy and interpretation robustness in the subseismic-resolution range with an advanced 3D look around the wellbore
  • Superior results back to the reservoir space in the versatile Petrel E&P software platform

Services that reveal more reservoir detail

We work with you to customize an actionable workflow with enhanced by high-performance computing capability to allow 20- times faster scenarios updates. Extract the maximum value from your borehole and reservoir measurements with the following services:

  • dip picking on the borehole image
  • structural analysis
  • true stratigraphic thickness (TST) correlations and fault-throw characterization
  • interpretation of deep-reading electromagnetic data
  • 3D near-well structural modeling.

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See Reservoir Details >100 ft From the Wellbore

Reveal subsurface beddings and fluids contacts critical for landing, steering, and refining field development plans.
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InterACT Connectivity, Collaboration, and Information Service
InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service lets you monitor and manage wellsite information from the office or the road. Visit InterACT Service page