Multiscale Structural Interpretation Services

Schlumberger experts work with you to customize an actionable workflow that extracts the maximum value from your borehole and reservoir measurements.

Standard Services

Include a three-step workflow with LWD imaging and structural analysis.

Data loading and quality control
Using enabling software to load and QC data enables accurate location of outputs, including dips, formation tops, faults, and surfaces in 3D space.

Dip picking
From the borehole image, a manual dip picking of sedimentary and tectonic features is performed.

Structural analysis
Major tectonic structures, such as monoclines, folds, and unconformities, are characterized based on arrow plot, dip vector plots, and stereonet plots of the bedding dips.

Advanced Services

Comprise Standard Services in addition to the following steps. Deep-reading EM services are optional.

TST correlations and fault-throw characterization
True stratigraphic thickness (TST) and stratigraphic drilling polarity are computed to improve the correlation process. Major faults are among the first fractures characterized by structural analysis, and TST correlations allow for the estimation of the amount of missing or repeat sections introduced by the fault throw.

Interpretation of formation surfaces from deep-readin EM
As part of the advanced workflow, the interpreter can log the borehole image in combination with a deep-reading EM such as the GeoSphere reservoir mapping-while-drilling service, which provides formation boundary detection up to 100 ft [30 m] from the wellbore.

3D near-well structural modeling
As a final step 3D modeling is applied to a single well or multiple wells.

See Reservoir Details >100 ft From the Wellbore

Reveal subsurface beddings and fluids contacts critical for landing, steering, and refining field development plans.
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InterACT Connectivity, Collaboration, and Information Service
InterACT global connectivity, collaboration, and information service lets you monitor and manage wellsite information from the office or the road. Visit InterACT Service page