Sedimentary Feature Identification and Textural Analysis

Interpreting all available geology data and integrating these results with other measurements helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your reservoir. Our experts have experience with all logging measurements—whether conveyed on wireline or drillpipe, pumped down through drillpipe or conveyed via tractor, and in openhole or cased hole environments.

FMI-HD High-Definition Formation Microimager

Visualize in high-definition fidelity and detail-revealing clarity the downhole environments that cannot be clearly imaged with conventional microresistivity imaging technology.

FMI Fullbore Formation Microimager

Image formation microresistivity in water-base mud, including deviated and horizontal wellbores.

UBI Ultrasonic Borehole Imager

Analyze fractures, stress, and borehole stability with advanced borehole imaging independent of mud type.

OBMI Oil-Base Microimager

Visualize the reservoir with microresistivity imaging in oil-base, nonconductive, and invert-emulsion mud systems.

MicroScope HD

Get high-resolution LWD imaging for structural analysis, sedimentology, and fracture characterization.


Reduce risk and logistical demands by eliminating the need for chemical sources to acquire multifunction LWD data.


Obtain resistivity, neutron porosity, azimuthal gamma ray, density, elemental capture spectroscopy, and sigma measurements and borehole imaging—all in one collar.

Reveal Your Reservoir's Finer Attributes in High Definition

In highly laminated sediments, the FMI log clearly shows the net pay zones that can contribute to production.Rt Scanner Triaxial Induction Service
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