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Visualize sedimentary and structural features to understand reservoir geology

Microresistivity and acoustic borehole formation images let you visualize formation texture, stratigraphic relationships, and structure along with reliable dip determination. New Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service acquires core-like images in high resolution and full borehole coverage in oil-base mud (OBM) environments while downlogging. In water-base mud (WBM) environments, the FMI-HD high-definition formation microimager is the industry's most advanced tool, delivering a 4× increase in image definition over conventional imagers.

Quanta Geo Photorealistic Reservoir Geology Service

FMI-HD High-Definition Formation Microimager

Visualize in high-definition fidelity and detail-revealing clarity the downhole water-base mud environments that cannot be clearly imaged with conventional microresistivity imaging technology.

FMI Fullbore Formation Microimager

UBI Ultrasonic Borehole Imager

OBMI Oil-Base Microimager

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Downlogging High-Resolution Images and Dip in OBM

The 3D interpretation to the right of the images from a 15-ft sand interval shows the repeated, abrupt high-angle changes in dip that resulted from disruption of the sand by slumping.
Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service redefines imaging in oil-base mud environments with high resolution and full coverage to truly represent the formation geology.
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4× Increase in Image Definition Reveals Formation Geology

FMI-HD High-definition formation microimager
The FMI-HD high-definition formation microimager takes formation imaging quality in water-base mud to a new level, even in borehole environments that could not be clearly imaged with conventional technology.
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