Quanta Geo Photorealistic Reservoir Geology Service

High-definition formation visualization in oil-base mud

As the inaugural member of Quanta Family reservoir characterization services, Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service redefines imaging in oil-base mud (OBM) to provide highly detailed, core-like microresistivity images that truly visually represent formation geology. The tool’s completely new electronic and mechanical design applies simplified measurement physics to deliver superb resolution and nearly total circumferential coverage in 8-in boreholes. Facies and other sedimentological and structural features can be identified and correlated with precision and confidence that were previously possible only from core.

The OBM imager reinvented

The operational limitations of conventional OBM-adapted imagers result in low-resolution images plagued by nonrepresentative artifacts and incomplete coverage. Other than structural analysis in tectonically disturbed intervals and simple differentiation of sand and shale, conventional OBM-adapted images cannot be used to identify common internal features or sedimentary structures. Quanta Geo service significantly improves image resolution and clarity with an innovative sonde that measures the applied AC current at each of 192 microelectrodes for greatly heightened sensitivity to both vertical and lateral features.

Consistently high imaging quality: While downlogging and in poor-quality boreholes

Quanta Geo service’s dual articulated arms independently apply the eight imaging pads to enable logging on both the down and up passes. This innovative design also minimizes inconsistent pad application in inclined wells and boreholes with wall irregularities. Downlogging reduces the frequency and severity of stick-and-slip events and their effects on image quality while efficiently providing comprehensive information early in the logging program to save rig time and additional runs.

Powered by the Techlog platform and reservoir model ready

Image visualization and interpretation are fully powered by a full suite of apps and workflows in the Techlog wellbore software platform. New 2D and 3D visualization methods fill in gaps to provide 360° coverage in larger boreholes and generate virtual core slab images. The hard data produced from the photorealistic images is reservoir model ready for direct use in the Petrel E&P software platform to better address the complexity of today’s reservoirs and support informed decision making.

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From Photorealistic Images to Reservoir Model Ready

Borehole imaging workflows
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