UBI Ultrasonic Borehole Imager

Our multidisciplinary interpretation experts work with you to determine structural information through image and dip analysis of measurements made with the UBI ultrasonic borehole imager. Single-well cross sections can be generated to help identify complex folding and faulting. Fractures, faults, slumps, and other features can be identified and characterized. Textural information such as the porosity distribution in carbonates and the sorting index in sandstones can be obtained, along with net sand calculation in highly laminated reservoirs.

Interpretation Services for UBI Ultrasonic Borehole Imager
Wellsite Answers

Wellbore deviation and azimuth

Borehole imaging

Acoustic caliper

Standard Interpretation

Imaging quality check

Structural dip interpretation

Detection and orientation determination for natural fractures

Detection of drilling-induced fractures and borehole breakouts

Fault identification

Sand count and thin-bed detection

Hole shape and stress analysis

Advanced Interpretation

StrucView software single-well cross sections

Structural dip removal

Image textural analysis

Carbonate porosity analysis

Core-to-image calibration

Fracture density, aperture, and porosity analysis

Structural multiwell analysis in the Petrel platform

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Rotating Transducers Sized for Optimal Imaging Standoff

Figure 1. The rotating transducer subassembly is available in different sizes to provide optimum standoff from the casing or borehole wall.
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