Assessing geomechanics across the reservoir life cycle

Every stage in the reservoir life cycle benefits from the accurate measurement and evaluation of geomechanical properties. Robust LWD multipole LWD measurements mitigate drilling risks by addressing wellbore stability. Similarly critical for shale reservoirs is wireline 3D logging to comprehensively characterize both intrinsic and stress-induced anisotropy. Further insight to reservoir rock behavior concerning completion, stimulation, and production comes from our Reservoir Laboratory geomechanics services.

Integrating geomechanical data for interpretation

To characterize and monitor at a well, field, or basin scale, our petrotechnical experts work with you to incorporate your geomechanical data into comprehensive, multidisciplinary geomechanical models and workflows.

Wireline Services

Accurately measure the stress-dependent properties of near-wellbore rocks axially, aximuthally, and radially to fully support geomechanical modeling.

Interpretation Services

Collaborate with our global network of multidisciplinary petrotechnical experts to integrate geomechanics workflows, processes, and software for enhanced operations and production.

Rock Laboratory Services

Maximize recovery and optimize production for the life of your reservoir with a full suite of core processing and analysis services that include wellsite handling, gamma logging, computerized tomography (CT) scanning, plug sampling, scaling, photography, and more.

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Stress-Based Fracture Stages Raise Eagle Ford NPV by 30%

The engineered completion design aligns the fracture stages and their perforation clusters with intervals of high reservoir quality and similar completion quality.
3D mechanical properties determined with the Sonic Scanner acoustic scanning platform were used in designing engineered completions that increased the perforation efficiency to 82% and the calculated NPV by USD 1.5 million in the first year of production. Read case study

Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory Spotlight: Houston

CoreFlow Digital Rock and Fluid Analytics Services
The Schlumberger Reservoir Laboratory in Houston supports a wide range of core analysis projects for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs, with emphasis on EOR applications and digital core analysis. Read about the Houston Reservoir Laboratory