SonicScope Multipole Sonic-While-Drilling Service

Real-time accuracy with LWD multipole acoustics

The SonicScope service combines high-quality monopole and quadrupole measurements to deliver robust compressional and shear slownesses—along with Stoneley data—in a wide range of applications, regardless of mud slowness. SonicScope service acquires all modes without affecting logging speed and performs while-tripping, fast-logging multimode for multipass analysis and top-of-cement evaluation.

Risk management for exploration drilling in complex environments

SonicScope service gives operators the advantage in risk management. With reliable compressional and shear measurements to estimate pore pressure as well as fracture gradients, drillers have the ability to estimate a safe mud window and make critical recommendations for mud adjustment and casing point selection.

Quantitative formation evaluation to increase reservoir understanding

In geological and geophysical applications, SonicScope service provides quantitative information on the amount of connected porosity without using radioactive sources. This is particularly advantageous in carbonate reservoirs because SonicScope service responds only to interconnected porosity. Additionally, the continuous compressional and shear data enable assessment of rock mechanics, identification of fractures, and gas saturation.

Proactive well placement to avoid hazards

SonicScope service's robust real-time compressional data can be used to build a seismogram and place the bit on the surface seismic, enabling identification of targets and hazards ahead of the bit. This application enables drillers to make critical decisions about steering, landing, and stopping the well.

Enhancement of completions strategy to maximize production

The multipole capability of SonicScope service provides data for various applications to enhance the completion strategy, from inputs to evaluate zonal isolation to multistage fracturing. The fast-logging multimode service identifies the top of cement with consistency and repeatability while tripping (before drilling open hole or while pulling out). A dedicated module for Stoneley wave acquisition while drilling enables formation fracture characterization before any washout can develop. Rock mechanics data, computed from compressional and shear, are inputs to assist in optimizing multistage fracturing for proper completion.

Technical challenges
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LWD Sonic Data Supports Critical Geomechanic Analysis in Deepwater HPHT Well

Acquired real-time sonic data is a match with memory sonic data in shallow unconsolidated section.
Operator obtained reliable LWD sonic data for both real time and memory to reach total depth with reduced risk in South China Sea project.
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Acoustic LWD Service Delivers Real-Time Data in Fast & Slow Formations

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