sonicVISION Sonic-While-Drilling Service

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Real-time LWD sonic for drilling optimization and formation evaluation

sonicVISION sonic-while-drilling service enables you to drill safely and efficiently with unparalleled, real-time velocity measurements in hole sizes up to 30 in with 6 3/4-, 8 1/4-, and 9-in collars.

sonicVISION service improves real-time measurements with a

  • real-time projection log
  • real-time surface labeling and quality control (QC) log
  • pumps-off station measurement
  • wideband measurement
  • wideband high-power transmitter.

Taking advantage of the TeleScope MWD high-speed telemetry system, sonicVISION service delivers full slowness time (ST) projections to surface. This technology offers you real-time compressional (DTc) and shear measurements (DTs) with a full slowness projection log delivered while drilling at the rig site or office through the InterACT monitoring and data delivery system.

Additional QC is provided with automatic station measurements during a connection. In this noise-free environment, the tool takes a check measurement that is sent uphole when pumping resumes. This further QCs the real-time log.

These reliable, quality velocity measurements let you

  • optimize mud-weight selection
  • predict pore pressure independent of temperature and salinity effect
  • identify top-of-cement
  • understand rock mechanical properties
  • measure porosity sourceless
  • position bit-on-seismic using synthetics
  • identify gas influx or formation gas
  • perform many other standard sonic applications.

Other features

  • Additional downlinks for full parameterization of downhole acquisition parameters while drilling
  • High-speed record rate of up to one sample per second that lets you log at 1,800 ft/h with 6-in sampling
  • Enhanced battery life
  • Memory duration of 280 h up to 180 ft/h
  • Improved collar attenuator for cleaner waveforms for better postprocessing

Robust surface-labeled shear measurements can be used quantitatively for rock mechanics assessment, sanding analysis for production design, fracture design, gas detection, amplitude variation with offset (AVO) analysis, and fluid-independent pore pressure estimation.

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