sonicVISION Sonic-While-Drilling Service

Overview Library
Date Title Challenge Products Society
Jun 2013 Using Borehole Geophysics Measurements to Assist Drilling, a Case Study From Presalt Brazil Deep Water, Exploration EAGE
Oct 2012 Logging-While-Drilling Cement Evaluation, A Case Study from the North Slope Alaska sonicVISION SPE
Jun 2012 A New Standard in Real-Time LWD Sonic Capability: Improving Confidence in Critical Wellbore Stability and Formation Evaluation Decisions Real-Time Operations, Exploration sonicVISION SPWLA
Nov 2010 Unlocking the Shale Mystery: How Lateral Measurements and Well Placement Impact Completions and Resultant Production Unconventional Resources, Real-Time Operations, Geomechanics EcoScope, geoVISION, sonicVISION, SonicScope SPE
Oct 2010 Unlocking the Secrets for Viable and Sustainable Shale Gas Development Unconventional Resources, Real-Time Operations EcoScope, geoVISION, sonicVISION, SonicScope SPE

Technical Challenges