Interpretation Services for Geomechanics

Integrated workflows, processes, and software that improve operations integrity and enhance production

Geomechanical factors affect every stage of the reservoir lifecycle—from predicting drilling risks in the first well to maximizing recovery from mature assets. Without a strategy for avoiding or minimizing potential problems, your project may cost millions more than budgeted. Geomechanics services are used to aggregate and analyze all available data to manage any challenges that may arise, from exploration to production.

Expertise anywhere you operate

We are dedicated to helping you plan and execute operations to reduce risk and boost ultimate recovery. We offer advanced knowledge, analysis, software, and technologies at basin, field, or well scale that help anticipate issues at any stage. Our global network of geomechanics experts provides critical services to help you improve operation integrity and make better-informed decisions.

Advanced predictive software

Schlumberger next-generation mechanical earth models are created using the Petrel E&P software platform, providing fieldwide stress and strain predictions and relating rock stresses to reservoir properties, allowing you to predict geomechanical anomalies sooner and with greater accuracy than ever before. Well-centric models are built in the Techlog wellbore software platform to maximize data value, enhance collaboration, and seamlessly integrate your geomechanics information across other petrotechnical disciplines.

In operations with high initial uncertainty, preliminary models can be used to help prepare mitigation and contingency strategies before drilling and production. Once the models and workflows are developed, new data are used to update, refine, and calibrate the models in real time to adjust plans as you go, enabling you to act upon the unexpected and make better-informed decisions.

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Using Geomechanics to Improve Field Activities

Using Geomechanics Answers to Improve Field Development, Production, and Drilling Activities
A selection of recent articles and papers on how geomechanics-related challenges were met using advanced workflows, state-of-the-art technologies, and in-depth petrotechnical expertise. Download Insights journal

Optimize Production with Expert Geomechanics Analysis

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