Field Geomechanics

Interpreting all available geomechanics data and integrating these results with other measurements helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your reservoir. Our experts have experience with all logging measurements—whether conveyed on wireline or drillpipe, pumped down through drillpipe or conveyed via tractor, and in openhole or cased hole environments.

Seismic-Based Earth Model Building

Earth modeling with deep imaging via vertical-transverse isotropy (VTI) and tilted-transverse isotropy (TTI) media—from prospect identification to seismic-guided drilling.

Petrel E&P Software Platform for Reservoir Geomechanics

The Petrel platform for reservoir geomechanics provides an integrated and efficient environment for 3D preproduction geomechanics modeling or for 4D geomechanics modeling of fields under operation.