Production Geomechanics

Place, complete, stimulate, and monitor wells for enhanced ultimate production

Aggregating and interpreting as much data as possible helps you avoid unexpected kicks while preserving wellbore stability, increase production, and extend the life of your well. We calibrate and integrate 3D surface seismic, well logging, core data, pore pressure analysis, and well test data with time-lapse seismic, microseismic, subsidence measurements, and more.

Support production decisions with real-time data

Comprehensive models, workflows, and processes seamlessly integrate and are constantly updated, monitored, and refined in real time. Our Petrel E&P software platform, which provides accurate fieldwide stress and strain predictions, can be coupled with ECLIPSE reservoir simulation software to obtain porosity, permeability, and fracture conductivity updates that improve reservoir production history matches.

Technical challenges

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Optimize Production with Expert Geomechanics Analysis

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