Wireline Services for Geomechanics

Understand your reservoir’s geomechanical behavior through acoustic measurements

Accurate evaluation of stress-dependent formation properties is essential to successfully completing and producing a well, especially in a shale reservoir. Advanced acoustic logging measures the formation axially, azimuthally, and radially in open or cased hole. New ThruBit Dipole through-the-bit acoustic service extends these measurement capabilities to slim and challenging well profiles. The result is a fully 3D acoustic characterization that addresses both intrinsic and stress-induced anisotropy to improve fracture planning, sand control, and perforating design.

Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning Platform

ThruBit Dipole Acoustic Service

Log detailed 3D acoustic data to support geomechanical analysis of formations surrounding the borehole in horizontal or challenging profiles of open and cased wells.

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Stress-Based Fracture Stages Raise Eagle Ford NPV by 30%

The engineered completion design aligns the fracture stages and their perforation clusters with intervals of high reservoir quality and similar completion quality.
3D mechanical properties determined with the Sonic Scanner acoustic scanning platform were used in designing engineered completions that increased the perforation efficiency to 82% and the calculated NPV by USD 1.5 million in the first year of production. Read case study