Borehole seismic linking of surface seismic and well data

Borehole seismic surveys provide high-resolution, high-fidelity depth and velocity data for generating images and calibrating surface seismic data and models. LWD acquisition with real-time processing significantly reduces uncertainty ahead of the bit by up to several thousand feet.

Enhanced reservoir delineation, characterization, and monitoring

Key to the high data quality is the evolution from single-component sensors to Q-Technology point-receiver seismic hardware and software. Deploying these receivers in combination with improved sources and expert multidisciplinary processing and interpretation delivers borehole seismic images and vertical seismic profiles (VSPs) at near- and cross-well scales that illuminate key reservoir features such as compartmentalization, faults, and imaging below salt.

Wireline Services

Acquire superior-resolution seismic data and images with new distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) system or employ the proven Q-Borehole integrated borehole seismic system, with land acquisition facilitated by the highway-legal, offroad-mobile Q-Borehole Explorer truck vibrator.

LWD Services

Interpretation Services

Work closely with Schlumberger petrotechnical teams to integrate geophysical data and interpretations into field and reservoir models that lead to better reservoir characterization, enhanced completions and drilling results, and better production decision.

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Simultaneous VSP Data Acquisition from Four Wells

VSP data collected using single- and multimode optical fibers.
A site-wide vertical seismic profile was acquired by the hDVS DAS system in only 10 minutes by daisy-chaining the single- and multimode optical fibers installed in four wells. Read case study

Crosswell Imaging Ups Reef Production by 300%

Interpreted crosswell seismic data from the Vacuum field Wolfcamp survey.
DeepLook-CS crosswell seismic imaging service provided detailed interwell profiles at up to 100 times the resolution of conventional surface seismic surveys. Read case study