Borehole Seismic Drilling Solutions

Reduce risk and uncertainty with a customized seismic approach to meeting your drilling goals

Schlumberger offers seismic time-depth-velocity information and borehole seismic imaging in real time to optimize drilling decisions, reduce costs, and improve safety during the drilling process. Our geophysicists can monitor and update models in real time, providing lookahead imaging to aid in well construction. Predicting your drilling environment ahead of the bit helps you achieve more efficient, safer drilling operations.

  • Locate the bit on the seismic section in time and depth
  • With 24/7 Operations Support Centers (OSCs), apply real-time depth–velocity measurements without disrupting drilling operations
  • Enable fast, effective response at the rig site with up-to-date information
  • Access casing and target depths
  • Reposition well with respect to potential drilling hazards such as high-pressure layers or inclusions
  • Reposition well to hit structural reservoir traps
  • Provide input for predicting pressure changes ahead of the bit to optimize casing points and mud weights
  • Locate top or base of salt ahead of the bit

Lateral well placement for horizontal wells

Borehole seismic can be recorded from a pilot hole using walkaway or offset VSP techniques along the planned lateral azimuth. The data is quickly processed, and an image cross-section is generated. This information is used to ensure that the planned horizontal well path does not cross any drilling hazards or leave the zone of interest, reducing risk and enhancing production.

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