Borehole Seismic Survey Design and Calibration

Integrate all available data to optimize seismic surveying

Schlumberger petrotechnical teams help you plan a proper survey design based on your geophysical goals. Ray-trace modeling and presurvey planning optimizes source-and-receiver geometries for the specific well, formation, and survey conditions. Our seismic experts work in close collaboration with your geophysical team before, during, and after the borehole survey to

  • optimize source-receiver geometries for imaging features and surface seismic calibration purposes
  • predict chance of success in complex situations, such as around or under salt bodies
  • design surveys specifically for detecting the distance to nearby salt flanks
  • validate assumptions about survey design and cost.

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Build and Perform a Survey Customized to Your Goals

The first step is 3D presurvey modeling—shooting rays along ray cones to the horizon of interest.The second step is 3D presurvey modeling—histogram of rays intersecting top surface of model.The third step is ray-trace modeling that shows energy reflecting off salt.
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