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Complete the seismic picture with high-resolution borehole seismic surveys

Surface seismic surveys are the ideal large-sensing measurement for giving you the big picture of your reservoir. But how do you apply that knowledge to the wellbore environment? Borehole seismic surveys are the critical tie between surface seismic and petrophysical data, providing high-resolution imaging of reservoir features around and below the wellbore for enhanced reservoir delineation, characterization, and monitoring.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology

Make every logging run and fiber installation an opportunity for borehole seismic acquisition in minutes.

Q-Borehole Integrated Borehole Seismic System

DeepLook-CS Crosswell Seismic Imaging

Image reservoir layers in the interwell volume at up to 100 times the resolution of surface seismic data by placing the both the crosswell receivers and source in adjacent wells.

Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning Platform

Understand the reservoir stress regime and anisotropy through 3D acoustic measurements made axially, azimuthally, and radially.

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Crosswell Imaging Ups Reef Production by 300%

Interpreted crosswell seismic data from the Vacuum field Wolfcamp survey.
DeepLook-CS crosswell seismic imaging service provided detailed interwell profiles at up to 100 times the resolution of conventional surface seismic surveys. Read case study

Borehole Seismic Surveys in Minutes, not Hours

VSP data collected using single- and multimode optical fibers.
By using any optical-fiber cable deployed or installed in a well, distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) uses only minimal equipment at surface and doesn't require running tools. Visit Distributed Acoustic Sensing page