Offshore Borehole Seismic Sources

Overview Library

High-performance energy sources for all operating conditions

We have an extensive database of more than 150 far-field source signatures for a wide range of borehole seismic applications, including

  • zero offset
  • fixed offset
  • vertical incidence
  • walkaway
  • surveys for seismicVISION seismic-while-drilling service. 

The database includes signatures in both SEG-Y and graphic formats for presurvey design and evaluation, plus pre- and postproject reports.

Source spectral output for a particular survey can be optimized by choosing deployment depths, operating pressure, and air gun chamber size. Wide bandwidth and strong energy sources are critical to the success of advanced surveys, such as

  • long walkaway lines for anisotropy
  • calibration for AVO, subsalt imaging, and impedance
  • velocity inversion for ahead-of-the-bit imaging from zero-offset and walkaway surveys.

Proper calibration of source output is essential to minimizing spurious noise within a survey and between repeat surveys. Spurious noise can mask subtle seismic effects caused by hydrocarbon extraction and movement, the targets of time-lapse (4D) surveys.

Predictable, consistent source performance improves data quality and speeds project turnaround. Safety is also improved and the environmental impact of operations reduced. Calibrated peak amplitudes let you determine the safest distance from the rig or vessel to deploy a source.

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Excellent Data Quality in the Caspian Sea

The high-performance six-air gun source for shallow-water applications provides excellent data quality over a wide bandwidth.
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