Q-Borehole Explorer Truck Vibrator

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High-output, wide-bandwidth, low-distortion vibroseis source

The new Q-Borehole Explorer truck vibrator improves the safety, data quality, and efficiency of conventional truck-based sources to meet the challenges of borehole seismic data acquisition in deeper and more complex formations. By using the low-frequency-enhanced MD Sweep maximum-displacement transmission method, the Q-Borehole Explorer truck vibrator delivers the high-output, wide-bandwidth, low-distortion vibroseis signal required for modern borehole seismic operations.

On- and off-road mobility

Trailer transport to and from the wellsite is not necessary for land operations using the Q-Borehole Explorer truck. The truck vibrator is US highway compilant, and its eight-wheel drive and ground clearance provide excellent off-road agility. Four drive axles evenly distribute vehicle weight for stability and low ground pressure on station. The result is excellent ground coupling, which in combination with optimized hydraulic flow to the vibrator actuator delivers strong, low-frequency energy.

Optimized frequency and bandwidth

The MD Sweep transmission capability of the Q-Borehole Explorer truck vibrator efficiently achieves full power at the displacement limit of the vibrator by optimally adjusting the drive rate and force level at the beginning of the sweep. Tests demonstrate that this sweep design can add up to half an octave of full-power, low-frequency bandwidth over that possible using conventional sweeps.

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High-Mobility, Operationally Efficient Truck-Based Source

Q-Borehole Explorer
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