Q-BorSeis Borehole Seismic Processing

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Efficient integration and processing of large borehole seismic datasets for 3D VSPs

Q-BorSeis borehole seismic processing technology delivers high-quality answers from large borehole seismic datasets with a significantly faster fivefold improvement in turnaround time. Every stage of the processing life cycle—from data loading to imaging—is efficient. Q-BorSeis processing seamlessly integrates data from vertical seismic profiles (VSPs), logs, and surface seismic surveys with a suite of reservoir characterization and calibration tools.

Complete 3D VSP processing is done in parallel through a flexible node configuration on a scalable Linux cluster and includes

  • interactive quality control processes
  • 3C wavefield separation
  • 3D earth modeling
  • 3D migration.

Q-BorSeis processing is fully integrated with both the Q-Borehole integrated borehole seismic system and surface seismic data processing from design through acquisition.

Efficient dataset navigation for QC

The MultiView QC tool enables simultaneous visualization of survey geometry and corresponding data so processors can efficiently navigate large datasets to quickly identify and repair data quality issues. Data also can be extracted for more detailed examination and processing parameter selection. The MultiView QC tool features interactive three-component time picking and the preprocessing capabilities necessary to generate high-quality data for imaging.

Wavefield separation in complex geometries

A proprietary least-squares vector wavefield separation technique easily manages complex acquisition geometries. This Q-BorSeis processing technique is well suited for walkaway and 3D VSP surveys that are too complicated for stardard processing approaches.

3D earth model updating and 3D imaging

The advanced capabilities of Q-BorSeis seismic processing employ a set of well-established workflows for updating 3D earth models. These include accurate time picking, fast multidomain QC, initial model calibration with well data, and further anisotropic updating with walkaway VSPs and full 3D tomographic inversions.

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Borehole Seismic Survey Finds Subsalt Faults, Germany

Versatile Seismic Imager case study
A 3D VSP survey conducted with a dual-array VSI versatile seismic imager incorporating Q-Technology point-receiver technology and efficiently processed with Q-BorSeis service clearly images the subsalt structure, revealing faults that were previously invisible on the surface seismic surveys. Read case study

Fivefold Improvement in Data Processing Time

 Interpreted 3D VSP and surface seismic visualized using Inside Reality technology.

Optimization of the seismic data processing life cycle by Q-BoreSeis technology also includes interactive and automatic visualization of geometry and attributes.