VSI Versatile Seismic Imager

Modular shuttle design and acoustically isolated sensors improve borehole seismic data quality

The VSI versatile seismic imager delivers sharper, more accurate images from borehole to surface compared with acquisition from conventional surface seismic surveys.

3C seismic data acquisition for superior clarity

The modular design of the VSI imager enables flexibility in shuttle spacing on standard logging cable for acquiring three-component (3C) borehole seismic data. The small, acoustically isolated seismic sensor packages feature 3C omnitilt geophone accelerometers, with the sensors decoupled from the sonde body, for measuring the particle motion of the formation. This innovative design, along with digitization close to the sensor package, significantly reduces signal distortion by removing tool harmonic noise and tube waves from the borehole-seismic band.

New QVSI imager: High-quality borehole seismic surveys in high-pressure, high-temperature environments

The new QVSI HPHT versatile seismic imager is qualified to acquire high-fidelity triaxial borehole seismic data at 500 degF and 30,000 psi. Employing the acoustically isolated sensor package design pioneered by the VSI imager, the QVSI imager is the only HP or HT seismic tool in the industry that can be configured with up to four ruggedized shuttles for simultaneous data acquisition at multiple levels.

Combinability for efficient seismic surveys

The decoupled configurability of the VSI imager enables long toolstrings without acoustic degradation for obtaining high-quality multilevel seismic surveys. For positioning and correlation measurements, the VSI imager can be combined with a gamma ray tool for accurate depth control and an inclinometry tool for spatial orientation.

Survey efficiency is further enhanced by

  • rapid mechanical deployment
  • very little time between stations
  • short shot-cycle time during remote-source surveys: walkaways and offset vertical seismic profiles (VSPs) 
  • real-time data processing during acquisition.


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Technical challenges
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Quality Walkabove VSP Survey Meets Reservoir Geophysics Objectives

VSP Image Below Well Inserted on Surface Seismic Image.
Wireline tractor conveys seismic imagers to record a walkabove VSP survey that accounts for the geometry of a deviated deepwater well.
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Noise Reduction by Design

The VSI sensor package is a decoupled from the main tool body, providing acoustic isolation and noise suppression. The caliper, shown in the extended position, can be used in either openhole or cased wells.
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