VSI Versatile Seismic Imager

Analysis of borehole seismic data collected during the exploration or appraisal process provides accurate velocity, position, and anisotropy information for analyzing, enhancing, and calibrating surface seismic data. Our multidisciplinary interpretation experts work with you as needed to extend the resulting high-resolution reservoir description away from the wellbore to locate reservoir sweet spots, fractures, and compartments. Fast-track borehole seismic images are particularly useful for designing sidetrack or horizontal wellbores. An additional application is microseismic interpretation with real-time monitoring to improve fracturing results and lead to better well production. Cross-well seismic data also delivers high-resolution imaging to support more effective field development.

Interpretation Services for VSI Versatile Seismic Imager and
QVSI HPHT Versatile Seismic Imager

Wellsite Answers

 Time-depth information

Formation velocities

Surface–seismic correlation

Standard Interpretation

 Time-depth information

Formation velocities

Corridor stack and synthetic seismograph for surface–seismic calibration and enhancement

Attenuation (Q) analysis

Multipattern identification

Shear wave analysis

Borehole seismic data images at the wellbore, zones ahead of the drill bit, and zones around the wellbore

Hydraulic fracture monitoring

Survey evaluation and design

Advanced Interpretation

1D, 2D, and 3D high-resolution seismic images of structure and stratigraphy

Identification of reservoir properties

Saltface location

Vertical transverse isotropy (VTI) anisotropy

Horizontal transverse isotropy (HTI) anisotropy

Amplitude variation with offset (AVO) and amplitude variation with angle (AVA) analysis

Seismic-guided drilling

Cross-well seismic

Surface-seismic survey design


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Quality Walkabove VSP Survey Meets Reservoir Geophysics Objectives

VSP Image Below Well Inserted on Surface Seismic Image.
Wireline tractor conveys seismic imagers to record a walkabove VSP survey that accounts for the geometry of a deviated deepwater well.
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Noise Reduction by Design

The VSI sensor package is a decoupled from the main tool body, providing acoustic isolation and noise suppression. The caliper, shown in the extended position, can be used in either openhole or cased wells.
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